At K.P. & Company we understand every space is unique and there is a need for a unique carpet to express the feeling. To create and craft this experience, we are ready to take the challenge and partner you and your imagination to bring alive those ideas. We are always prompt to help and work for your ideas to take shape, size, and color of your choice to create a customized wall-to-wall carpet for your space. Alternatively, there is a plethora of designs, colours, texture, type of raw material (wool or silk any other) to chose from. And when your ideas meet our craftsmanship, there are endless possibilities to create wonders.

We make and supply carpets of all sizes in all categories such as Persian, traditional, transitional, modern and contemporary. In the past, we have supplied carpets of the size up to 50’ wide & 100’ long. In knotted category also, we have made carpets in all possible desired sizes. Carpets can be made in any shape like Rectangular, Round, Oval, Runner etc.

steps to creation


All you have to do is contact us, pick up a phone, or send us an email with your requirements. We are always happy to help you to get started.


Share your ideas with us and we shall evaluate everything from all possible aspects and also suggest if any change is required for the betterment.

Color Choice

We will show you our range of colors (pompom or shade cards) so that you can select the right colors of your choice.


Before starting the actual production, we will show you our shades, design CADs, quality, samples etc (whatsoever is required or suitable) for your final consents.


Once everything is final, we start the production and can ensure you of our finest craftsmanship and quality.


Once carpets are ready, we can assist you to deliver the carpet at your destination. If required we can also help you in fitting the carpets.


Our carpets shall certainly give a new look to your environment along with a new identity. Whether it is your home, office or corporate arena.